Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We Malaysians are gullible lot, every now and then we hear people got cheated. Many fall prey to skim cepat kaya or scratch and win or buy gold and diamonds that is mined in Timbuktu .

I still remember way back in 1996, money was pouring in to Malaysia and a lot of people became rich.Not to mention many had burnt their fingers. Even this one  rambutan seller ignored the buyers - he was busy on his mobile phone enquiring about his investment in the share market!

Have you heard stories about a person who can generate money ? this man menuntut ilmu from his tok guru  . He already took oath, the ilmu is not for his benefit but for the benefit of others. The method is, if the client brought  100 rm - he  wrapped the money in mahjong paper and said some prayers then put fire on it. As soon as the fire ceased, the 100 rm miraculously became 200 rm . Soon after, more people brought their money - at  much bigger stake.  In the end a friend who was so adamant to invest in the silap mata  investment never spoke about it after a few visits!  I suppose the man successfully convinced his clients to collect their money the next day ( more jampi to do at night ) - came the next day the man had vanished!

Someone  told me she bought precious stones from someone who plant lemongrass and when he pulled the grass along came ( precious ? ) stones in various colours. She said how not to believe because it happened in  front of her eyes! She believed the stones can bring her luck!

Kadang-kadang nak tergelak jugak benda-benda yang habis mengarut macam tu ada orang boleh percaya bermati-matian!


ngasobahseliman said...

Salam. Jangan lupa yang gullible kuasa, hingga membelakangkan yang syarie.

Kerabu Jantung said...

Wasallam, Sis

Semoga kita tak tertipu hidup-hidup oleh segala macam penipuan di dunia ini!