Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tak Boleh Balik Kampung

Anything de Chine cannot balik kampung maa.....

We bought some rosewood furniture  ( imported from China )when we were in Kuching and the price was very reasonable as compared to KL. It  so happened that my neighbour M love rosewood too. In the end both of us bought 1 set of settee each.

M went overboard, she bought a complete set of that Fu Manchu furniture - consist of a complete set of rosewood settee, a display cabinet , a day bed and some embroideries ( with rosewood frame ) for the wall - all of them are embedded with mother of pearls.

When her friend visited her house she was so tak sayang mulut .....saying...

Wah, M... aku tengok rumah engko ni dah jadi macam museum China!

When someone from Semenanjung visited me in Kuching, her comment was:

Kerusi ni tak boleh bawak balik kampung - orang kampung tak boleh terima kerusi macam ni ( kerusi de Chine ).....

And I thought she was being utterly ridiculous - eh haram ke kerusi tu?

Things has change 15 years later, today.......they go beyond kerusi China , they  ally with the Chinese opposition party to make an inroad to Putra Jaya.


Deru Ombak said...


Hahahahhaa.. Lucky thing I dont fancy rosewood de chine. Otherwise sure cry coz x mampu nak beli.

Tapi I pejam mata collect bone china / noritake.

Yang ni bleh bawak balik kampung ke tak?? Hehe

Kerabu Jantung said...

Dear D'ombak,

dulu memang banyak pantang larang, pada hal tok -tok aki tu pakai singlet pagoda de chine tak kisah pun!

agaknya noritake tu ok sikit sbb tak ramai orang jepun kat Malaysia ni!lagi pun orang Jepun comel kan? kenit-kenit je!