Sunday, August 26, 2012

Berlumba-Lumba Untuk Kebaikan

I was pleasantly surprised when Sis Inspirasi Mawaddah called me all the way from Kedah to say hello  and wished me Happy Hari Raya - thank you Sis!

I still remember when my Ustaz narrated this story about Saidina Umar Alkhattab ( ra ) who always wanted to be the first  to convey his Salam to Rasulullah SAW, but tried as he might Rasul SAW will always be the first to say his Salam upon all his Sahabah.

And he went on, never hesitate to do good deeds , be the first to sedekah , to help others in any which way we can and  to forgive,  for when we ask for forgiveness from Allah we want Allah to forgive us!

Sis, hope to see you soon!

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