Sunday, November 23, 2014

Of GST And Tips......Part 2

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Some of us are not familiar with tipping for services provided.We are not required to tip the waiters when we eat in a sitting down restaurants ( even when our little devils splashed  sauce all over the table and chicken bones flying up to the ceiling )  and we can get free trolleys for our big, fat luggage that almost bursting at the seams for free in KLIA. Some people said it is haram to give tips because those workers already get paid to do their jobs. Like if that person tolong angkat beg you yang berat macam batu, lantak koranglah, that's your job maa....I'm not giving you any money!

When we arrived at JFK airport Beautiful Life went to the slot coin to pay for the trolley - one of the staffer offered  to handle our luggage.  For that service it is customary to tip the attendant.

There were 3 elderly people waited for their wheel chairs for quite sometime , so when a wheel chair assistant came to offer the service , they quickly accepted it because one of them really in need of the chair. A few minutes later when 3  wheel chair attendants came for them , the third attendant left without anyone to sit on it. So she approached me to offer her service....

- Sis, come I put you on this wheel chair

No, thank you, I didn't order for it

That's ok sis, I want to help you

Thank you sis, I can manage....

You see , sis , why don't you come with me - it is a long way to  the check point and there is such long queue inside there. With this wheel chair I'll take you to the express lane. You don't have to worry at all, you and your husband won't have to wait for long time..

I'm ok,really, I want to spend sometime with my daughter and my son in law before boarding

Please sis, I've already being paid by the airlines for this trolley, you can have it...please sister sit here! You don't know how convenient it is when you use this service..

When she  became very persistent to shove me off in the wheel chair - all of us were embarrassed and couldn't say anything.. in the end both my husband and my daughter ask me to accept her offer. And my daughter reminded me to tip her.

She pushed me  so fast, overtaking everybody while telling her life story,  cutting queues and in a short while our passports being checked. We past through  the electronic door with our shoes and jacket off ( the jacket - inside out ) so there'll be no hidden weapons in our shoes or  the jacket that could harm their country...

And me? Malu jugok weh, tengok orang lain senget-senget pun jalan sendiri....

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