Monday, July 31, 2017

Kuantan Revisited

.....en route to Kuala Rompin...

We left Kuantan for more than twenty years ago. Since we are not so much in a rush this time around me and my doter planned to spend a night in Kuantan on our way to Rompin.

Kuantan has changed so much we have to use waize
 around town

Our dinner at Ana Ikan Bakar Petai in Tanjung Lumpur was sumptous - we ordered more than what we could eat aka rambang mata!

The morning after we went to Pantai Teluk Cempedak and had our breakfast there...I took ketupat nasi cicah sambal ikan, my doter took nasi dagang and tepung pelita for desert.

Enjoying the scenery while sipping my coffee...

After breakfast we decided to walk on the bridge along the beach taking with us the leftover tepung pelita, some bananas and a bottle of mineral water for us to eat later in the car... our surprise we were greeted by monkeys that suddenly appeared in front of us. They were very agressive  - they grabbed our kuehs and mineral water

Very scary!
The authority should put up signboard - Beware Of Monkeys!
I am afraid later the monkeys become out of control they start to grab people's handbags or scarves or take away their spectacles or sunglasses...

End of part 1

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