Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Alumni Get Together

Really didn't expect to meet some of my classmates - we parted ways after we completed our tertiary educations way back in the seventies.
The Alumni get together took place in Dorset Hotel in PJ for the luncheon.

After 40 years, there are a lot of catching up to do ,
Get to know the well-being of our long lost friends and classmates. The questions often asked are how many children and grandchildren one has, and everybody updating their health status. Believe me almost everybody is suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic! And of course some of us has problem with our knees.

I got to meet my classmates since form 1, some classmates from form 4 and form 6 .
And our comradery are still strong and intact , just like we were 40 years ago.

Most important is that we feel so close to each other - very quickly we felt like we were once again in school and the rest of the conversations were mainly about our school days!

We were that young before - happy go lucky , no responsibility with a lot of faith for the future...

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