Saturday, December 24, 2011

You Mean You Pray?

Aliyah went to Hani's house, during Maghrib she wanted to pray and asked her friend which way the Kiblat is. Hani was not quite sure where the Kiblat is for she never prayed. She was surprised though that Aliyah prayed........ you mean you pray?  Aliyah was shocked by the question ...... you mean you don't pray ?. Pakat-pakat terkejut dua- dua orang tuh!

Hani went to asked her mummy where the Kiblat is . Her mummy was a bit annoyed.......... tulah....mummy suruh solat you tak nak solat, dah tak tau kat mana Kiblat. Meh, mummy tunjuk!

The mummy was embarassed -  her daughter terkantoi tak solat!

Salah siapa agaknya? salah mak ke salah anak?

My friend Kak Dah told me, her father in-law was a  pious man. Every morning he will knock on his children's doors on the way  to the surau.  A few of his children and their spouses couldn't stand the way of the old man - eventually they rent houses elswhere to get away from the father. They were young at that time, and a bit difficult to maintain the 5 times a day prayer on time, especially  during Subuh! Later,when their children had grown up , they came back to stay near their father's house.

Ram told me about his uncle who insisted his children to pray jemaah with him  during Maghrib and Isya'. After prayer his uncle will recite a very long wirid, and the children just couldn't wait for him. By the time he finished his wirid, his children had dispersed ! tinggallah dia terkonteng-konteng keseorangan di atas sejadah sambil mengangkat tangan memohon doa agar anak cucunya diberi petunjuk dan hidayah.....

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