Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Save the party not the person

Everybody are pointing fingers at Pak Lah for delaying ( refusing ) to step down ,but he's not the only one to be blamed. All his cabinet ministers ( except for few ) are playing safe , they dare not voice out their true opinion. They do not want their position will be like "telur di hujung tanduk ". Hence silent will be the best solution.

When TS Muhyiddin first voiced out his opinion many in the cabinet critised him. I suppose that is the way the Umno are, that is to defend their leader through thick or thin. What they don't realise is come next election if they loose more states to PKR, the whole cabinet will be out of job and Umno will get a massive stroke and die of heart attack.

People especially in the lower income group are angry with the rising price.The small income they get can't cover their expenses.They feel so frustrated and do not know to who they should turn to. Obviously to the govt, but the govt seems not to be taking any effective actions. And many of them vow to vote for the opposition, maybe they can do better (judging from their ceramah and manifestos).

Monday, October 20, 2008

First Ladies

I still remember our very First Lady of the country was the late Tun Syarifah Rodziah.She was a member of Kedah Royalties ,a sweet lady and as graceful as any royalties around the world. She stood daintily beside her husband the late YAM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra on all ocassions.

Our second and third First Ladies were the two sisters from a prominent family hailed from Johor.They are beautiful and well dressed. They were admired by many and mothers dreamed that their daughters were born beautiful, so they might become wives of prominent figures later.

The sweetest of them all is Tun Dr Hasmah Mohd Ali .She is charming and loved by all. Even all the makciks in the remotest of the kampung could identify themselves with the First Lady. And they are rest assured she won't shun to shake the unlotioned hands of those makciks wearing red kain batiks with yellow baju kurungs and green head scarves.

Came Datin Sri Jeanne , at first people were sceptical about her. Can she fit in the footsteps of the late and the most gracious Datin Seri Hendon ( may she rest in peace,alFatihah ). But she does fit well in her role as First Lady.She stands tall besides her Prime Minister husband. Her smiles are genuine and soon she captures the hearts of the masses.

We don't want our First Ladies sticking out like a sore thumb and make our kampung folks so confused as who rules the country. When my makcik heard some of the ministers' wives announced they celebrate this year's raya in a moderate way as all their children spend their raya overseas , my makcik gaped. Never in her wildest dream that she could travel anywhere outside her kampung. Her family has no heavy machines,all they owned is a zaman Jepun kapcai. That's their only pride and joy.

She suddenly feels so small and so alien to the leaders.She thinks this country is not for poor people like her. It's for the selected few, who has class. Maybe she wouldn't vote at all the next election because she thinks her vote doesn't count!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 in 1

When I got headache all the time I was quite worried. One day I braved myself to visit Pusat Kesihatan when I went back to my kampung. Sure enough my blood pressure was quite high 150/90 , my cholesterol was 6.5 and my sugar was 7. And the doctor advised me to go for a proper check up when I go back to KL. He told me to have my blood pressure checked 5 times before the doctor can determine my real pressure .

I was quite happy during my second check up , my pressure went down to 152/78 but then went up again at 152/86 ,the next check up it went down at 142/72 then went up at 150/85. Thus I had to get my blood tested. Two weeks later I got my result and the doctor congratulated me because I got the 3 in 1 bonus that is, my cholesterol confirmed 6.5, and my sugar count is 7.5 fasting. And I was put into medication and referred to nutritionist for my new diet plan.

I followed my diet closely and manage to shed many kgs and my body feel fresh and light. My blood pressure,cholesterol level and sugar level is behaving themselves well but I got stuck with the medicines for life ( ? ). Amen. There goes my sedentry life! My hands shivered the first time I got the big bundle of medicines that last for 3 months before my next check up. That was the saddest day in my life. I indulged myself in self pity for a long while ( selepas makan tak berinsuran for many,many years! ).

For those who has been makan(ing) tak berinsuran for years and years who want to repent. Here are some tips from Pegawai Dietetik :

Avoid excessive sugar intake such carbonated drinks,heavy syrup , cakes(yep! common knowledge!).

Avoid all food excess in oil and fats such as animal fats or diary products such as full cream milk or cheese.

Avoid processed food as it contain a lot of salt and sodium that is any salted things, commercially prepared potato crisps,salted tapioca,all the chips,regular canned or dehydrated soups,broth,packet soups or soup cubes,belacan,cincalok,budu, sea salt, rock salt, msg or any salted snacks.

Whoa! Look like we are deprived of all the best things in the universe !

For us rice , mee ,pasta eater, makan biarlah berpada-pada.

And never skip any meal , go for small meals and it is even allowed 5 small meals a day . And of course , exercise at least 3 times a week for half an hour each session.

Caution: For those over fifty and dugong size do not try to play tennis or squash, you might injure your back bones and your knees!

Also never skip breakfast and lunch because tonight we have big kenduri so we can eat like a monster! According to the dietician, it doesn't work that way.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hana dearest!

My daughter received a very shocking news on the second Hari Raya about 9.30 in the morning.Hana,her soulmate called from Dublin telling Nurul that her father had just died.May her father rest in peace and may Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Arwah Nik Mohammad was a nice, pleasant and very curtious man. Semoga beliau di tempatkan di kalangan roh-roh orang yang beriman. Amin!

Dearest Hana , we all love you and don't you forget that.

Riuh Sekampung!!!

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