Thursday, February 12, 2015

KL Invaded By............Tom Yam

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Malaysian tom yam originated from Thailand . This Siamese soup is chilli hot and sour with pungy smell of kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass . It is a healthy food , not oily and the main ingredients are prawns, chicken, cuttle fish and sometimes fishballs with fresh vegetables such as cauliflower, carrot,  onions , fresh tomatoes topped with coriander leaves ,fresh lime and fresh chillies.

Even some of the mamak restaurants that operates 24 hours offer tom yam as part of made to order food during night time. Tom yam is the kind of soup that can cut off oily food such as roti canai or beriyani rice that is served in the restaurant throughout the day.

Tom yam has its own class depending on where it is served. If it is in hotels or posh restaurants, it becomes very pricey, especially if it is seafood tom yam. There's also tom yam mix which include prawns, cuttlefish and chicken as the main ingredients.

The ever popular is tomyam in ordinary restaurants or stalls. It tastes the same as the one that is served in hotels. The only difference is the stall tomyam is very cheap and it consists of a few shrimps and a few shreds of chicken and more of lemon grass, onions and tomatoes with a lot of soup. It is also for takeaways.

Tom yam anyone? People won't refuse the offer, people love tom yam at any time - breakfast, lunch, tea , dinner or supper. To those who have sensitive stomach, or their stomach lining is thinning... take tom yam sparingly.

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