Friday, November 14, 2014

Of GST And Tips.....Part 1

In other words Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) Google RMCD Official Webside - read them until you get cross eyed!

Long time ago I used to enjoy VAT because I can get some tax return ( if I'm not mistaken it was about 17% of the purchase price ). I was so happy to get some money returned at the airport -  with that money I could buy a few small items to add to my collections.

When I visited my daughter   recently I was quite taken aback when I had to pay tax on merchandise I bought. The price quoted to me was  145 dollars but I had to pay something like  150 dollars or so. I couldn't help blabbering - so happy to buy things at 50% discount suddenly I have to pay extra for the taxes . My daughter chuckled...everything you buy here you must pay tax mak..

And being an old timer I think VAT is better, you get back the tax. With GST you pay extra for the things you buy. Tak berapa syok sikit!

All the while we pay indirect taxes on almost everything we buy . And some of us didn't even realised we have been paying taxes. So, when the government introduced the GST, many  think it can cause ANOTHER price hike.  People think in the end the consumers will always lose - we end up with paying higher prices on goods and services ( ? )

I hope this GST thing will be explained to the masses in the big way, so people like me and my relatives in the kampong will understand it better.....err...maybe they have done it but I'm not aware of it? Let us kampong folks be well verse with the taxable and the non taxable goods and services. In other words we have to have small money ready for the taxes every time we buy things when GST has been implemented. Kurang best maa...

The only benefit I can foresee is that the 1 cent and 5 cent coins will  make a come back in tne market....because the tax will be like....  rm 3.21sen or rm 20.15sen!

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