Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Birthday Message For Habibty

Wishing you Ya Habibty the best on your birthday. May Allah fill your life with all the happiness, good health, wealth and always in Rahmat Allah fiddunya walakhirah...aamiin!

It was 1985 when we first met, that was in Kubang Kerian Mini Market. Hazooka was about 3 years old at that time and was running around and almost bumped into me. You came to me and said ...maaflah anak saya ni kecik lagi suka lari- lari....From then on we got to know each other.

About 2 weeks later we met again in Bata Shoe Store. This time we were with our children ( yours three , mine four ) to buy Raya shoes for them.

A few days later we met again for the third time in that month of Ramadhan. It was in Pantai Timur Supermarket ( the one and only Supermarket in KB at that time ). Apparently we both wanted to buy chicken and there was the only one left in the freezer. We grabbed the chicken at the same time then looked at each other and started to laugh....and then you said
Maasyaa Allah, I think Allah wants us to be friends. This  Hari Raya sila datang rumah saya with your family.

Banyaklah cerita kelakar to remind us of our life in KB. It would be a mile long hilarious stories if I were to write it down.

Habibty banyak jugak misadventure dengan Bahasa Melayu when she first came to KB - She told the story when she met people she will say 'Assaikong'
Later on one lady asked what is 'Assaikong' doktor?
- I don't know but everytime people meet me they say Assaikong'! I thought that's how you wish each other here in Malaysia
- That is Assalamualaikum doktor!
- Astaghfirullah ya ka ?

Akhir Kalam saya ucapkan setinggi tahniah di Hari Lahir Habibty yang ke......
Happy Birthday!!!!

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