Monday, February 6, 2012

Waiting For Morning Light

These hydrangeas ( Bunga Tiga Bulan or Siti Zubaidah ) are very dear to my heart. I took the plants from my kampung about 15 years ago. 

Purple with a tint of pink

.........purplish blue


          ............ or purplish pink. All the flowers above came from the same tree.

I remember my mother used to water her plants with indigo,she wanted her pink hydrangeas to turn real blue or purple. And it work!

How to propagate the hydrangeas :

Just cut the young branch.....

and plant it right away....InsyaAllah it will grow very fast

If you cut the old branch - it will take time to grow . Happy hydrangeaing!


Mieza said...

Assalamualaikum Kerabu Jantung,

Subhanaallah, only a few days ago I went to the unoccupied university house next to my flat and in the backyard, there are like hundreds of hydrangea stalks of different colors i.e. pink, purple, and blue.

Indeed they are gorgeous, and I can't help myself from getting a few stalks for my dinner table vase.

I will upload their pictures soon, thank you KJ, you made me appreciate these beauty even more.

Kerabu Jantung said...

Alaikumussalam Mieza,

Thank you....oh..dah tak sabar nak tengok bunga tu.Excited bukan main ni!

I'm sure they are bigger than the ones we have in Malaysia.

Deru Ombak said...

Assalamualaikum KJ

Salam kenal.. Love to share with my eyes your hydrangea.
My late mom' s favorite flower.

Kerabu Jantung said...

Alaikumussalam Deru Ombak,

Welcome to blog orang pencen with all the cerita merapu . And thank you!

Hydrangea was my late mum's fav too and I grew to love them since I was little.
...sebab tiap-tiap hari tengok mak dok belek bunga tu!