Tuesday, May 28, 2019

An Emergency Stop!

We were on our way to our son's house in Cyber Jaya , suddenly my husband had the urge to urinate. It was such a long stretch of road and there was no place we could stop. Macam mana ni?

As we drove on there was a manmade lake on the left side of the road. The road was under repair and very few cars passing so I thought that was a suitable time for him to ease himself.

I knew very much that was a wrong thing to do in public places - but it was so urgent! We were prepared to face the authority and pay the fines if charged.

I couldn't look at him when he went to the lake - already I was feeling guilty about it.
What if somebody recorded the act and viral it? Khalas!

Well, if that happened I will defend him, giving his medical reasons to be considered ..

When he suddenly came back..

So fast?
No, I couldn't do it...

He said he felt better as soon as he loosened his belt and took off the seatbelt that put pressure on his loin and coming out of the car which was too cold for him ( for a person who has less than 2% body fats ). Worrying about getting viral lessen the urge to pee. Plus there was somebody resting near the lake...

So we had to wait until we reached the destination....

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